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Indonesia’s mining sector will be a perfect candidate for natural gas utilization due to its abundance of natural gas resources. With high fuel and operational cost, utilizing LNG and CNG for the mining sector makes perfect sense as mine owners and contractors are looking towards utilizing natural gas as the preferred fuel alternative to ensure that operational cost remains manageable – without compromising performance and efficiency. Logistics via tugs and barges up the river to the mine sites will be one of the most vital distribution channels for the supply of natural gas in remote locations. In areas where natural gas infrastructure is limited, virtual pipelines and small scale LNG could play an important part.

A host of mining companies – notably in Sumatra and Kalimantan – have begun trials on utilizing both CNG and LNG options for their mining operations in a serious push to reduce fuel cost which could potentially burden operational efficiency and drive up cost. The recent trial success of utilizing LNG-Diesel Duel Fuel for Dump Trucks in Kalimantan will accelerate the feasible usage of natural gas in the mining sector. Given the high cost of transporting diesel to remote locations, having Biomethane (Upgraded Biogas) as a diesel replacement is the perfect way for plantation owners to save millions annually. The sustainable production of biomethane from plantations waste will be a viable and less costly alternative for both fleets and power generation usage within the plantation.

Balikpapan is the Oil & Gas, Mining and Plantation hub in Indonesia, thus ensuring a captive audience attendance coming to this timely, business-critical and focused event. This platform will be the gathering-point for Mine Owners, Contractors, Plantation Owners, Logistics Suppliers and Technology providers wanting to significantly reduce their fuel and operational cost.